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WordPress Not Sending Emails

Wordpress not sending emails

Wordpress Email Functionality

First of all it’s very important for your WordPress Email Functionality to be working correctly and to make sure that the emails or auto responses going out from your site reaches its destination.

We always Get the question on how to fix WordPress not Sending Emails, or why I don’t receive any emails from the forms on my website.

Also why contact form 7 for example is not delivering Emails, and in this Tutorial we will be trying to fix wordpress not sending emails

Video Tutorial :

The Reasons behind WordPress not Sending Emails:

There Might be many reasons why your WordPress site not sending emails, and this might be due to the following

  • Your web Form is not Configured Correctly

and this can be easily Fixed by following the guide of your Contact form Plugin Author

  • The Server that is hosting your WordPress site is not configured to use PHP mail() Function
  • Most of the top email service provides have a spam filtering and the email end up in the junk email folder
  • Furthermore sometimes the email get blocked and does not make it to the junk mail even

And here We will show you the right way to Setup your wordpress email Services and how to avoid all this issues.

The Solution:

The Solution to the issue of wordpress not sending emails is not to use the PHP mail() function of wordpress. And to use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which is more authentic and trusted by most email service providers.

While there are many SMTP Service provides we would talk about one in this post which is Really powerful and it gives you (10,000) free email per month. And it you need more its very affordable and trusted tool.

Wordpress not sending emails

STEP 1 : Create account in mailgun website

  • Go to mailgun official Website
  • Click Signup
  • Enter your Details and Click Create Account
  • Activate the account by clicking the link sent through the email

Wordpress not sending emails

STEP 2 : Adding your Domain to Mailgun

Click “Add your Domain


Head to C-panel

Click “Sub-domains


Enter a name for your sub domain

Click Create


Copy your sub domain and Paste it in mail gun website and click “add domain


STEP 3 : Adding DNS Records

In mailgun site scroll to the section “Add DNS Records For Sending”


Then open your c-panel “Advanced DNS Zone Editor”


Select your root domain

Copy the Details (type,Name,Value) from mailgun

Paste it into add new record section in your “DNS Advanced Zone Editor”


Do this for both the records

Optional : you can add the Tracking DNS to enable mailgun to track your incoming and outgoing emails


STEP 4 : Adding MX entry

Go to c-panel to “MX-Entry


Select your root Domain

Go to new Record Section


Then Copy the Details from mail gun site to your MX new entry


STEP 5 : Verify your Domain , DNS and MX entries

  • Go to mailgun site and Click the “Button Check DNS Records Now”




STEP 6 : install and Configure Mailgun Plugin on your wordpress site

Go to your WordPress site “Admin Panel”

Go to Plugins -> add new Plugin


Search for “mailgun for wordpress”

Install and activate the plugin


Head to settings -> mailgun


Enter your subdomain

Enter the API key form mail gun


Click save changes

And test Configuration


And We are Done 🙂 and this is how you fix wordpress not sending emails

And this is how you configure SMTP (mailgun) into your wordpress website, therefore you fix WordPress not sending emails as all your emails now are considered authentic and furthermore it would pass most of email service provides spam filters.

in conclusion,

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  1. Hi! I wish there was a lot more “why” before the “how” in both the video and the text post. And I really like the screenshots, but they all look quite fuzzy. Because of the pixel precision (and low natural kind of noise) of screenshots, PNG is the preferred format to JPG in most cases. Cheers!


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