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Recover WordPress Password Using Database

Recover WordPress Password

Before you Recover WordPress Password Using Database

yet before we discuss how to Recover WordPress Password using database,

Its important to know that keeping your WordPress site password some where safe is extremely important,

but some times for many reasons we intend to forget or lose our password,

but no worries as there are many ways you can Recover WordPress Password,

you need to try an easier way which is the “Lost your password” option on your login page

just head to your login page “www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin” an click “Lost Password” link

Enter the email you registered with on the site , and WordPress will send you an email with a link to reset your password

Recover WordPress Password

Video Tutorial:

But lets say that for some reason you were not able to do this , then again no worries because we will show you an alternative way as follow:

Recover WordPress Password Using Database (PhpMyAdmin)

This way will Change your WordPress Password directly on the database so if for some reason the normal way is not working try this

First login to your c-panel, and find “PhpMyAdmin” .. click it


then on the right side you will find a list of all the databases on your c-panel, select the database of the WordPress site you want to recover the password from


once you select the database , all the tables associated with that database will appear on the left side,

find the table called “wp_users” and open it


once you open the table, you should see a list of all the users registered on your site,

find the user you want to recover the password for ,

then click the “Edit” link / “pen” icon


once you click Edit , you should be able to edit all the fields on this record,

now , insert under the “user_pass” column the new password,


and then VERY IMPORTANT select “MD5” from the drop down list next to the password field

as WordPress use this algorithm to secure the password


then once the above is done , scroll down and click the “go” button


once the field is updated you will see that the password you entered in plain text now changed to some hash key do not worry, this is because we selected MD5.

and you are done , now you can go back to your login page and login using the new password you have just created.

this is how you Recover WordPress Password Using Database, but before you leave see the following tips on how to create a strong password when you change to the new one

Tips for a strong password

always make sure that your password is very difficult for hackers to find out, as hackers use many methods trying to guess your password such as brute force attack or a Dictionary attack ,

so to avoid these types of hacks, follow these tips when you Change WordPress Password

  1. make sure its at least 8 characters long
  2. add spacial characters such as ‘$ # @ &’
  3. add capital letters in your password
  4. add numbers to your password
  5. try to avoid personal information (your name, age)


and we are done, i hope you have learned something new today,

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have a great day and take care .. 🙂



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