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How to install WordPress

how to install wordpress
WordPress is a very powerful open source CRM, whether you are a blogger or a business owner looking to develop a website with no knowledge of any HTML or programming languages, wordPress make it easy for you.

Why you want to Install WordPress ? with thousands of plugins that comes free/on a charge almost every thing is possible on wordPress. but to start sometimes its challenging to figure out the first steps to get your up and running , here we will explain in an easy way how to Install WordPress site.

Video Tutorial :

STEP 1 : Downloading wordpress

First step to Install WordPress is to download the latest version of wordpress from the wordpress download page , just click the big blue download button and you are good to go

STEP 2 : Setting up your database

To Install WordPress we need to set up a database , this is almost the trickiest part in the installation, but if you follow this instructions carefully things should be easy.

  • go to your c-panel (c-panel is a control page usually provided by your host)
  • find the icon “MySQL Databases” and click it
  • find the “Create a New Database” section then type the database name (ex: myBlogDB) and press “create database”
  • now on the same page you should find a section called “MySQL Users” , create a user there and make sure that you have a strong password
  • now once the you are done creating the database and the user its time to connect them together, on the same page find the section “Add a User to a Database” select the database and the user then press “add
  • Select all privileges , and click “Make Change” button
  • do not forget to keep the database, username and password information somewhere as we will need them in a while 🙂

STEP 3 : Upload your WordPress to the server

Now after you have already setup your database its time to upload your WordPress to the server. there is two ways of doing this , the first one is through FTP (File transfer Protocol) which will be the topic of another post, and the second way through your C-panel “file Manager

  • Go to your c-panel
  • find the icon called “File Manager”
  • Select your Domain
  • When the file manager opens , find the button upload
  • upload the WordPress file downloaded in Step 1
  • extract the zip file
  • now you will get a folder called WordPress , (we dont want that folder) we want the files inside it to be there. so we will get the files out of it and then delete the empty wordpress folder

STEP 4 : Configure WordPress

We are almost done, the last step is as follow

  • Visit your domain through the browser
  • you will get WordPress configuration wizard you can say
  • Select your Language
  • Click “Lets go” button
  • Fill up the information you kept in STEP2 Regarding the Database and the user name
  • leave “database host”  and “Table Prefix” as it is
  • Click “Submit” button
  • click “run the install
  • insert your “Site Title” , “username” , “Password” and “Email
  • Click “Install WordPress
  • you will get a success message
  • click “Log in

ALL DONE ... 🙂 This is how you install WordPress

There you have it this is how you install wordpress , it might look like a long process but it would take you around 15 min , we will be lunching another tutorials regarding what to do next and more.

if you have any questions or queries please contact us at info@go2-tec.com and we will get back to you .

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