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Install WordPress Plugin

install wordpress plugin

Before You Install WordPress Plugin

Before you we Install WordPress Plugin, we need to know what is a Plugin ?

Since WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) , WordPress made it possible for Developers to add to the WordPress functionalities and create small programs that can be integrated to the WordPress Site

This small Programs is called “Plugins” , there are almost a plugin for anything on WordPress , this gave WordPress Super Powers were you can easily search for a plugin and install it on your site

many plugins are available on the WordPress Repository , these plugins are reviewed by WordPress to insure that they are matching WordPress Standards and they wont harm your site,

but also there are many plugins which are premium plugins that  you can purchase online from many sources , then you upload them to your site

so lets see ..  how you can Install WordPress Plugin ?

There are mainly three ways you can do this, there might be other ways but this is the most common ones.

  1. Using WordPress plugins Repository search
  2. upload a plugin purchased outside WordPress repository
  3. Using your c-Panel to upload the plugin

Video Tutorial:

1- Install WordPress Plugin using WordPress Plugins repository search

to do this first you need to login to your website admin panel, then hover over “Plugins” and click “add new

install wordpress plugin

now you will see a page with some plugins on it to  install ,

now find the search bar on the up right corner and search for the plugin you need


once you search you find a list of all related plugins to your search, locate the one you like , and click “install now”


once the plugin is installed click “activate


now you have successfully installed and activated your plugin, each plugin have different way to show their settings,

you need to read the plugin instruction on how to tweak its settings.

2- Install WordPress Plugin that you purchased outside WordPress repository

To do this, first login to your website admin panel, then head to “plugins” then “add new

install wordpress plugin

then find the “upload plugin” button and click it


click “choose file” .. and select your plugin .zip file


after you select your file , click “install now” button


once the plugin is installed , click “Activate plugin


and that is it .. 🙂 this is how you Install WordPress Plugin using the upload plugin function

3- Install WordPress Plugin Using C-panel

Sometimes you need to install a plugin somehow other than your admin panel, if you find your self at this position do not worry , this is how you do it

Fist login to your c-panel and find “File Manager” .. click it


then select your domain and click “Go


now go to the folder called “/wp-content/plugins” then find the “upload” button .. click it


select the plugin .zip file and upload it to your plugins folder

once its uploaded , high light the .zip file and “right click” then select “Extract


once the plugin is extracted, login to your WordPress admin panel and go to your “plugins” page

you should see the plugin inactive, click “Activate


and thats it .. this is how you Install WordPress Plugin using your c-panel


Tips to find a good trusted plugins

this tips only valid if you are searching the WordPress plugins repository, before you install the plugin click the “details” link and make sure of the following

  1. make sure that the plugin is tested with the latest WordPress Version
  2. make sure that the plugin is regularly  updated from it author
  3. check the plugins rating
  4. check the plugin reviews were people give their comments on the plugin
  5. check how many times this plugin is installed and activated

all this tips will show that this plugin is safe and good , also trusted by many WordPress users.


and we are done , this is how you Install WordPress Plugin on your WordPress site, if you liked this Tutorial please share it with your friends, and leave a comment below

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Thanks and enjoy .. have a good day .. 🙂


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