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Change WordPress Password

change wordpress password

Why would you Change WordPress Password ?

There are many reasons why would you want to Change WordPress Password after you installed WordPress,

as its the key to all the hard work you have been doing on your website, if some one gets the admin password they are allowed to change, delete, spam or do anything with your website.

Also you might just got your website Designed by an Agency or a web developer, but your not comfortable with some else having the admin password, and it keeps you worry and wondering how to Change WordPress Password,

farther more, you might someday find your self a victim to a hack or your website got compromised, and you are thinking that

hmmmmm, i think the first step is to Change WordPress Password,

well, you are right …

always the first step to prevent / fix security issues on your WordPress site is to change the password..

just follow these simple steps and you will easily change the password

Video Tutorial :

STEP 1 : Login to your WordPress Site admin panel

login to your admin panel by going to the URL “www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin

and then you need to find “users” option from the side menu

then go to “your profile

change wordpress password

STEP 2 : Change the password

Now after you visited your profile page, in this page there is almost every thing regarding your profile, from your avatar, to names and passwords.

Find the section called “Account management

next to “new password” field you will find a button called “Generate Password” … click it


this button would generate a STRONG password for you , you can leave the strong password generated or you can replace it with a new one if you think that the generated password is hard to remember.

its recommended to keep the generated password or change it a bit when you change your WordPress password

change wordpress password

STEP 3 : Update your profile

now after you have decided which password to use, the final step is to save the changes you made ,

scroll to the end of the page , you should find a button called “update profile” .. click it


now all done … 🙂

you should get a success message that your profile got updated, do not forget to save your password some where safe.

Tips for a strong password

always make sure that your password is very difficult for hackers to find out, as hackers use many methods trying to guess your password such as brute force attack or a Dictionary attack ,

so to avoid these types of hacks, follow these tips when you Change WordPress Password

  1. make sure its at least 8 characters long
  2. add spacial characters such as ‘$ # @ &’
  3. add capital letters in your password
  4. add numbers to your password
  5. try to avoid personal information (your name, age)

And we are done, this is how you Change WordPress Password

hope you learned something new today,


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enjoy your day and stay safe ..


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