GO2 – Technologies was found in 2010 and since been a software solution and websites leading company in Asia and the Middle East.

As the mother group of GO2 companies started to form, GO2 – Technologies was just a two guys getting the IT work done, but then we found out that we have a big market and demand for IT work and we got more and more . And that’s how GO2 started getting bigger and bigger.

We don’t say that we are a big company; we are a team of experts in the field of IT which our main goal is to deliver a high quality product that helps our customers reach their business goals and visions. that’s why we know that we can provide you with innovative, attractive and professional solutions that will allow you to open new doors for your business.



Customer Satisfaction

go2 – technologies have been successfully delivering solutions to clients since 2009, and that helped us to gain great experience and trust on how to reach a high level of customer satisfaction

Fast & Quick Services

in GO2  – technologies team , each member works in his own capacity to insure that we finish according to the client specifications and deadlines, but some time when the client needs improvements we have a great support team to help in the matter and finish the job.

Reasonable Price

As in our mission, we believe that the success of our client is our success, so we give a very good prices for our services to lower the cost on our clients and help them grow and reach their goals and vision.

High Quality Projects

We make our projects in the best software available to provide our customers with the highest quality product in terms of security, speed, user friendly, efficiency, accurate and simple to satisfy our customers.

Great Portfolio

We have worked with big groups and companies and also with companies that just started up, and that gave us great experience on how to deal with our clients and how to reach a high level of satisfaction which build trust between us and our clients

Custom and Affordable

Affordable, custom websites design packages is carefully crafted to get your business website up and running without making you lose your budget. and provide with great product that helps you get your business forward.


In GO2 – technologies you can communicate and deliver your requirements to our expert team and we assure you that you will get 100% your requirement as if you are the one who is making it, to make sure that we get your trust.

Creative Design

simple layout,user friendly,soft background,design the contents not the page,great simple icons,3d effects,strong colors


When we develop your solution, we follow the web development life cycle. as we collect the information and requirements from the client , then we plan the project and how would we construct it. then we start prototyping the solution to give the client an over look and the feel of the solution, once the client gives the green light that this is what he need, we start designing and coding the solution then testing it, once testing is successful and we make sure everything is working fine we would deploy the solution in the client environment. We stay in touch with the client all the time with our expert support team to keep the solution up and running and to do continue maintenance to it.

Requirement analysis








“Just wanted a quick yet creative website for my new business , and Go2 technologies did just that, very recommended web design services
Go2 Technologies testimonial

Loay Idriss -

“We decided to recreate our website and integrate an E commerce shop into it , go2 technologies provided the best tech support for us”
Go2 Technologies testimonial

Ibrahim Barry -

“Our business clients have increased a lot since Go2 technologies has upgraded our website design , they made it very creative and attractive
Go2 Technologies testimonial

Jasmin -


In Go2 – Technologies our main mission is to provide you with the technology that is to be considered as an advantage for your business goals and visions. As we notice many IT firms would cause the client a lot of issues such as putting the business down for maintenance or advising you with unnecessary technologies that would only cost you money and time for nothing.

In Go2 – Technologies our mission is to always exceed our clients expectations , and to go with them hand in hand to support their success and growth and to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest technologies no matter how fast it movies to grant you the success you deserve.

We Provide you what you need not what we need you to have, and for that out support team is always in continues communication with our clients to check on their new requirements and provide them with what they need to become more and more successful.

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